Football Team

FC Británico de Madrid

Spain Madrid

Team Details

  • Standard
  • FC Británico was established in 1972 and we play in the amateur Liga Bunwer in Madrid. Most of our players have played at university, local league or academy level. FC Británico was originally set up by the British embassy 40 years ago to give the expats in Madrid a game of football. The nature of our club means we have a high turnover of players caused by players returning home or moving on to other countries due to work and study commitments, this causes a lack of stability which over the years has affected consistency within the teams. To counter this, the club also has non-British players, normally players who are settled in Madrid, who speak English and understand our footballing culture, bringing to the side an international feel as well as much needed stability.
  • Matches Offered
  • We can play 11 a-side, 6 a-side or sevens