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Ferikoy Footy

Turkey Istanbul

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  • Ferikoy Footy: the name sticks to us, as illogically as hanging on to the ball until surrounded by three players, twitting it out of play and shouting at everyone on your team. Dolapdere Deft Touches just doesn't have the same ring, so here we are. Ferikoys new home, devoid of the turkish umlaut for copyright purposes and placed in a prime position to annoy the crap out of you all with notifications every time one of us decides to mouth off and then follow up with an interminable string of puns. But first, because I'm sure you were going to ask, here's some history:
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  • Legend tells of a man. A man, short in stature, modest in speech, sparse of hair. A man perhaps unremarkable in the pantheon of heroes but nonetheless the instigator of the history of one fruitful branch of the unpruned shrub of that prolific family: Football, genus: amateur strivers, species: Ferikoy. Legend is hazy on the man's name however. Some sources have it as synonymous with the genus itself and posit the unlikely 'Alanfe Rikortius', speculation that has largely been dismissed by more respectable scholars. Others, less tainted with accusations of subjective agenda-pushing suggest 'Al-anred Manus', a theory that has found favour due to it's meaning in the obscure dialect of the distantly abandoned ancestral homeland: 'He who harvests that which is owed'. It is perhaps pertinent to add here that the correct inflection also strongly implies an especial ruthlessness in this inferred role, even unto chasing debtees into bath-houses. Whatever his actual origins, his disappearance soon after having united his followers in their current abode ensured his status as the founder of an enduring legacy, its roots torn up and relocated yet tenacious in its persistence.